Until whenever that feature is actually implemented, you could give your iPhone default ring and notification tones that are silent (such ringtones can be made or bought) and then apply a specialized audible ringtone to all of your 'whitelisted' contacts. » 4/09/15 9:43pm 4/09/15 9:43pm

I saw him on a YouTube clip of his special long before I saw him guest-correspond on The Daily Show. For those of you who've never seen his stuff, let me tell you, the guy is freaking hysterical — he's not Jon Stewart but the sensibility of his comedy is very on-tune with the way the show has developed, yet he's also… » 3/30/15 2:04pm 3/30/15 2:04pm

This sounds like it's become a male equivalent of "Unforgettable", a CBS series which starred a redheaded female police consultant (not at all hard on the eyes) with a perfect memory. She'd replay her memory with, if memory serves, cool "Limitless"-like overlays on the screen. » 1/29/15 8:54am 1/29/15 8:54am

This is no doubt going to be a cool book, and as a fan of oral histories and Star Trek, I'm most definitely squarely the target audience for this book. But why would either io9 or the book's P.R. department let us know so far in advance? It's a bit ridiculous. Do they expect that we'll remember this two years from… » 7/26/14 9:48am 7/26/14 9:48am

One thing not touched upon in the article yet very relevant is this: the Internet, especially blogging and discussions platforms, has an inherent sampling bias towards those who have problems with medical procedures. People who have no problems with a procedure usually don't take the time to go to the Internet and… » 6/29/14 9:05am 6/29/14 9:05am